How to ReBrand | Reinvent Yourself without Being Cheesy

Have you ever tried to create a new habit?  Change your diet? Work out more?  State dating the right kind of people?  Start taking on the right kind of projects?  Well, we all know or have come acr…

Source: How to ReBrand | Reinvent Yourself without Being Cheesy


Examples of [Soul]cial Enterprise:

Today, I looked into a company that I’d recently come across which was founded on a simple and inspiring idea. Every shoe they sell should be designed by a different artist from somewhere in the world. And just like that, their sneaker company got started.

As I learned about the company, I discovered that a friend who I was going to invite to become an artist for them had already designed a pair. His name is Brandon Breaux. Enjoy.

Project Engineers Plus Launches

What is it about jobs that makes us so crazy? Earlier this year, I found myself in a resume, job hunt frenzy. I felt like I was a guy hitting the clubs every weekend looking for the right girl but couldn’t get beyond “Hi my name is…” I felt like I had professional bad breath. At best I could get some conversation going with recruiters but they were telling me the same story…”There aren’t a whole lot of jobs out there…We’ll keep you posted…send me another version of your resume…” At some point I had to own that I had more to offer the world than a pretty resume. I stopped showing up desperate and started looking for what made me desireable. My being desireable wasn’t about trying to look good to fool anyone. It had everything to do with me remembering that I had over a decade of experience under my belt in 4-5 branches of my field and 7 different positions. Some employers thought this meant I was unstable, but I considered it as making me versatile. So, I took on the challenge to use everything that I knew and learned over my career to create a new job – a job that I did not have to interview for and knew that I was a match for. I became my own boss and a freelance project engineer consultant. I created

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